Mr. Lynn Morgan

Athletic Director

I'm a coach because...

"I'm a coach because of the kids and the passion I have for the game and sport itself.

There is no better feeling than teaching a child the importance of

discipline, hard work, team effort, dedication, determination

and the heart it takes to win not only in sports but in life."

~Bill Pingitor

April sports calendar

MSHSAA Physical Form




Rich Hill High School Activities Handbook 17-18.doc

How to purchase a Sports Pass:

Contact Donna Morrison, Superintendent Secretary


Student: $3.00 or $30.00 for a pass

Adult: $4.00 or $50.00 for a pass

Family: $160

​65 and over: Free

*These prices are only guaranteed for Home games

​and will not include any District games.

Mrs. Amber Nold

HS Volleyball

HS Softball

Mrs. Melody Mullins

HS Volleyball

Mrs. Brodie Mendez

JH Volleyball

HS Softball

Mrs. Ashley Arwood


Mr. Brandon Otto

HS Football

Mr. Eric Moles

HS Football

HS Men's Basketball

Mr. Paul McAlexander

JH Football

HS Ladies Basketball

Mr. Damon Green

HS Football


Mrs. Tj Black

Varsity Cheer Coach

Mrs. Holly Howerton

Varsity Cheer Coach

Mrs. Kelly Gayman

JH Cheer Coach

Mrs. Lora Rapp

HS Trap Shooting

Mr. Josh Entrikin

JH Boy's Basketball

HS Baseball

Mrs. Natalie Platt

JH Ladies Basketball

Junior High Sports: Football, Volleyball, Cheerleading, Basketball, Track

High School Sports: Football, Volleyball, Cheerleading, Basketball, Softball, Baseball,

Track, Trap Shooting