Every effort is made to hold classes on scheduled school days in the Rich Hill R-IV School District. Sometimes, however, weather conditions do not allow for the safe transportation of students to or from school. Therefore, the district makes every effort to cancel school in a timely manner during inclement weather and inform parents and students. Please check with the media outlets below to verify if classes have been cancelled in the Rich Hill R-IV School District.

<edit this block> You may also receive an automated phone call via SchoolMessenger. The Rich Hill R-IV School Districts contracts with SchoolMessenger to get important messages to parents and primary caregivers. SchoolMessenger allows us to instantly communicate about emergency situations, weather-related closings, or other important events. You must say "hello" once, followed by several seconds of total silence for SchoolMessenger to begin broadcasting the message. Noises such as dogs barking, background voices, or other 'white noise' sounds will interfere with the start of the broadcast and may result in no message broadcast. Please notify the school immediately of any change in telephone numbers. Only parents and caregivers with Custodial status will be notified via SchoolMessenger. <edit this block>

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