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On behalf of the Rich Hill R-IV Board of Education, I'd like to welcome you to the online home of the Rich Hill School District. I hope that if you're a parent, a staff member, a student, or a guest of any kind, this site will be easy for you to navigate and that you find the information you're looking for.

I am proud to serve as president of the board of education, just as I'm proud to be a graduate of the Rich Hill School District. I'd like to thank the other board members for their time and efforts on behalf of Rich Hill's students. 

The Rich Hill School Board has a set of core beliefs that we would like to share with you. 

The Rich Hill School District believes:

•Every student has the ability to learn.

•All students should accept responsibility for themselves by maintaining good social skills, healthy lifestyles, and respect for the law.

•Parents, teachers, and the community are responsible for guiding and motivating all students to strive for personal success and academic achievement.

•All students and staff have the right to be accepted and treated with respect in a safe and secure environment.

•All academic disciplines are necessary and have value in education.

•When individuals are held to higher expectations they will produce greater results.

If there is anything the board of education or any of its members can do for you, please contact the Rich Hill School District Central Office at 417-395-2418 and we can set up an appointment or provide a point of contact. 

Thank you and Go Tigers!

Landon Swope


Rich Hill R-IV Board of Education