What makes Heaven Help the Po'Taters! Or... I'd-a-Hoe the Potatoes but They Just Won't Gorw such a popular show? It's so a-peeling! Join us for the food and entertainment event of the year one night only, Friday, November 12 at 7:00 pm in the High School Auditorium! Because this is an exclusive dinner theater event, tickets are extremely limited and go on sale this Tuesday for $15 adults or kids!  See a Cast Member to reserve your seats! (First come, first served... literally!) 

How do you cheer up a baked potato? You butter her up! Since this is a dinner theater production, you will enjoy a baked potato bar with chili, baked potato soup, a hot roll, and tea and water during act one.  Then, at intermission, our very own National Honor Society will pull out all the stops with a coffee and dessert bar!

Why do potatoes make such good detectives? Because they keep their eyes peeled! And, you will need to pay attention because there's trouble in Tatertown! This Idaho community is desperate for rain or their potato crops will dry up in the fields. Especially hard hit are Irish Tater (Levi Jones,) his wife Etta Tater (Kaylee Couzens,) and the Tator tots:  Sweetpea, Lyonnaise, and Chip (MyKenzie Burris, Jaylee Entrikin and Sadie Gillis).  

Unless a solution is found, they will be forced to move, along with the other farmers in Taterfield County including Dick Tater, Carmen Tater, Emma Tater, Anna Tater, and Ory Gunn (Emily Black, Salym Bolser, Ava Tialino, Leeanna Bell, and Alisha Danner.)  Their plight is the result of a dastardly scheme hatched by Noah Count (Kyla Couzens,) the scoundrel lawyer who deliberately left the water rights out of their deeds.

The townsfolk send our hero, Spud Farmer (Oscar Green,) to bargain for water with the B.Z. Beaver Corporation that dammed the Snake River. To Spud's surprise, Sue Duse (Abi Reed) is not only the head of the business, but Noah's partner in crime!  Spud's ladylove, Candide Yam (Mia Gwinn) and the townsfolk spy on the negotiations -- all in wacky disguises. 

Hilarity abounds as the Tater Tots are kidnapped for ransom and Spud fights Noah to stop the villain from blowing up the dam!  This "dynamite" melodrama sprouts other characters including Ida Hoe (Taryn Jones,) Tilda Fields (Serenity Laughlin,) Cher Kropper (Juliana Abend,) Marshal Art (Marian Henderson,) Pastor Salt (Maritza Darr,) Maitre D' (Emma Miller,) and the mysterious Widder Tater (Silo J. Even.)  You'll strike Yukon Gold with these here 'taters!

How will you describe our students once you watch our show?  Spud-tacular! Heaven Help the Po'Taters! Or... Id-a-Hoe the Potatoes but They Just Won't Grow by Billy St. John is produced in cooperation with Pioneer Drama. You'll have a smashing good time!  Call 417-395-4191 to secure dinner theater reservations while they are available!