What a Week!

The inevitable has happened: COVID19 is here. Two months ago, school was delayed a week because I was sick with the virus. Since then, we have had many people tested and no one has been positive until this week.  The dedication of the faculty and staff to disinfecting, distancing, and wearing masks has definitely helped us be able to keep things as normal as possible. I would tell you to give them a hug but I think that's against protocol right now. Maybe an elbow bump...

But how do you stop a cold or the flu? COVID19 is a virus and it's going to find a way. There's no way to know how, when, where, or why someone gets this illness. Population density seems to be a factor, so it's taken its time to get here. But we know no one want to be sick, nor do they intentionally give it to others. Everyone I've talked to seems to understand that this isn't anyone's fault and for that we are grateful. We're doing our very best to keep school as safe as possible while keeping the county and the state health departments happy.

For our students and staff who are ill, in quarantine, or at home because of vulnerable persons who are in your home, we will be praying for your safety and your recovery. We miss you all and can't wait until things get to return to normal.