Shout Outs!

This week I would like to take time just to talk about how awesome our staff is here at Rich Hill. We've obviously faced some challenges to the start of school, but it's so much easier when good people are doing a great job.

1st Shout Out: Secretaries--the building and central office secretaries have put in lots of time keeping the offices open. They've helped us new guys transition into our positions as easily as possible. They are facing new reporting requirements from the pandemic. And they serve as the frontline for everything during the normal school day.

2nd Shout Out: Bus Drivers--today, a kindergartener came out of the building at the end of the day and saw Susie standing at the top of the bus steps. She shouted, "Susie!" and ran to the bus. Our bus drivers are handling the changes due to COVID19 great. When a kid's day begins and ends with a someone they like, it increases the odds they're going to have a good day all around.

3rd Shout Out: Custodians--Custodians have taken the brunt of the physical requirements demanded by COVID19 regulations. They've adjusted schedules, learned new equipment, switched products, all while breaking their backs and sweating up a storm. Teachers notice and appreciate the efforts custodians go to for school to happen.

4th Shout Out: Cooks--the cooks have had to disinfect tables between shifts, we've added extra shifts, we've slowed everything down, we've changed the schedule to go to Phase Orange and then back to yellow. They made sure kids were fed back in the spring. And they've taken on bringing food service back local when Thrive went out of business.

5th Shout Out: Aides--we have several aides in the district who do a bit of everything. I'll see one of them in one place, go do something, and then find them doing something completely different in another part of the building. Again, teachers let me know how great the aides are and how much of a difference they make to kids.

I'll bring you more shout outs in the future. There are many additional people making school great for our kids. Make sure and read Dr. Gilbert and Mrs. Bridgewater's posts about Homecoming Week and Parade this next week.