COVID19 Webinar with Childrens Mercy Pediatricians

Here is a great webinar on research regarding schools reopening from Children's Mercy KC pediatricians. It gives symptom checklists, transmission rates, and other information.

To summarize:
In studies, 
*Children ages 0-9 transmitted to 5% of their household.
*Children ages 10-19 transmitted to 19% of their household.
*Children ages 0-19 transmitted to 1% of contacts outside of the household.
*The CDC does not differentiate between wearing or not wearing a mask when tracing close contacts.

Screening Checklist for Parents Before Sending Kids to School
High Risk Symptoms for Kids include:
*Loss of Taste or Smell
*A New Cough
*Difficulty Breathing
Moderate Risk Symptoms for Kids include:
*Oral Temp of 100.4+
*Sore Throat
*New uncontrolled cough or a change in a chronic cough (from asthma, etc) from baseline
*Diarrhea, vomiting, or abdominal pain
*Congestion/runny nose
*Muscle or body aches
Many of these symptoms are also seen with a variety of other conditions, but loss of taste and/or smell is unique with COVID19.

Children's Mercy School Reopening Webinar
(I recommend opening in YouTube and setting playback speed at 1.5)