Summer Progress 2020

Multiple summer projects are underway and plans for how to reopen school on August 24th continue to be worked on.

The old high school site has had several developments. First, the scoreboard has been reconnected. Second, the exposed wall left from the demolition has some structural issues that are going to take some additional expertise to remedy. I've been in contact with an architect and we are going to be talking to some reconstruction experts.

The main campus has seen a lot of painting, cleaning, and preparing that custodians can't always get done during a normal year. With the time off in the spring, most of the building has a fresh coat of paint on the walls.

The conference Athletic Directors met here at Rich Hill this week and developed guidelines for all schools to follow as we start football, volleyball, band, and cheer seasons. Once these are approved by the conference, they will be shared with coaches and players.

In a previous blog, I outlined the 4 Phase Plan the board approved. The plan needs to be a general framework depending on the level of concern about COVID we are dealing with. Beyond that, administration needs to be able to flexibly and quickly deal with changes and situations as they occur on a daily basis. We have taken measures to order large quantities of disinfectants, hand sanitizers, equipment to disinfect, contactless thermometers, and the like. We are still ordering face shields, a supply of masks, other contactless solutions, and other products as they are introduced to the market. Bus routes are our primary concern as buses are our most confined spaces. Transportation plans will be released as we come up with a plan to minimize bus ridership and ride times.

These are unusual times for everyone and schools are no different. Please be patient with us as we figure out how to make sure kids don't lose any more of their education time due to COVID19.