Born to Rise

From 2016 to 2023, Rich Hill has waited for a boy’s conference basketball championship. Last night, the Tigers decisively delivered. As they prepare for districts, I wanted to share some songs I listen to when I need to get pumped up for the gym or during a run.

“Yeah, we've waited, for our time to come-Calculated everything we've done-We've upgraded, now you can't outrun a champion (Now you're facing one)” --For the Glory by All Good Things

Both the Rich Hill Tigers and Lady Tigers fought hard in their final home games of the season. The girls, decimated by injury, took to the court knowing they had a short bench. Two girls were out and two girls were playing hurt. The season definitely didn’t go the way they had planned. High hopes dashed on twists of fate. Regardless, the girls played with heart and their fallen teammates cheered from the sideline. This type of season won’t show the real wins the team made based on their record in the yearbook; but showing persistence, grit, perseverance, fortitudethese things build young men and young women from the ground up. These ladies showed they have what it takes to survive life, not just 32 minutes of blood and sweat.

With the boys coming off of a season with two different head coaches and a mix of young and veteran players, no one was quite sure what to expect. Talent only gets you so far when you are playing tough opponents who are bigger than you are. We knew we had the talent and with the new coach, Mr. Morgan, finishing last season going all the way to sectionals with a mostly freshman squad, came in focused on attitude and character. If I had to choose between wins or attitude and character, I would choose a good sportsman every time. But as the boys settled into a game where they treated their opponents with respect, played unselfishly, and started really having fun, we saw a team come together and peak at exactly the right time.

“Hey, you can't count us out-We've been running up against the crowd-Yeah, we are the dark horses… Wait! It's not over now-We've been down, but we've never been out-Yeah, we are the dark horses” --Dark Horses by Switchfoot

This is a team that believes in each other. I saw players attack the basket and make fluid passes that surprised everyone on the floor except their teammates. They were one mind with one goal. Brothers going into battle against a common foe. When several players have double digits, rebounds, and assists, the team plays at a level that is hard to stop.

“We are the ones who were born to rise-We are the ones with the fire inside-I go to war with the brothers I trust-And there ain't no stopping us, there ain't no stopping us-We are the ones who will bring the rain-We are the ones who will break the chain-I go to war with the brothers I trust-   And there ain't no stopping us, there ain't no stopping us” --Born to Rise by Redlight King

So if you think you know the Rich Hill Tigers, think again. From an undisciplined group of kids to a tidal wave of unstoppable basketball, these Tigers are far from done…uncontested conference champs and beyond.

“You think that you know me-You thought you could hold me (You just don't know when to stop) You think you could fool me-But you never knew me-So come and get your best shot” --Stones by Manafest