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*Please keep us up-to-date throughout the school year with any changes in phone numbers, addresses, emergency contacts, etc. In case of an emergency regarding your child, we must be able to contact you or someone you have designated to act on your behalf in caring for your child.


The Rich Hill School Mission is to invest in tomorrow by empowering all children today through hard work, high expectations, and relevant and rigorous learning.

The Rich Hill Community Believes:  

 1. A high-quality, well-rounded education produces successful, life-long learners in an ever-changing world.       

2. Strong relationships between children, parents, staff, and community make for an effective school.

3. Growth (of adult learning) happens through relevant and timely professional development.

4. Resources should be allocated effectively based on need and foresight.

5. Collaboration leads to effective decision-making.


 All students receive a high-quality education to prepare them for an ever-changing world.