Welcome to Rich Hill High School! 

For each child that you are enrolling, the following forms must be completed and on file in the high school office before the first day your child plans to attend school.

  • Complete the "Consent to Release" form. Submit that form to us and we will forward it to the sending school

  • Request an enrollment packet

  • Provide proof of current immunizations, proof of address, birth certificate and school records from sending school.

2021-2022 Meal Prices
⚈Breakfast: $1.30⚈
⚈Lunch: $2.50⚈
⚈Extra Milk: $0.50⚈

*Please keep us up-to-date throughout the school year with any changes in phone numbers, addresses, emergency contacts, etc. In case of an emergency regarding your child, we must be able to contact you or someone you have designated to act on your behalf in caring for your child.

How to view your students grades on Canvas

Hint: Setup with a web browser such as Chrome, Firefox, Edge, etc.)

Even though you are going to access Canvas Parent from your mobile device, you can add another student to your 
Observer account by using a web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, etc.).
After signing in, click Account, then Settings, then Observing. From there, you'll see a +Student button. That's where you'll type in your student's 
pairing code. Once you enter the code, you'll see all of your students listed under the "observing" list. (How do I link a student to my user account as an observer?)

[Posted below.]
No matter where you sign-in to your Canvas account, you'll be able to monitor all of your students' courses. In Canvas Parent, you'll see the student's name listed in the top-middle of your screen. To switch to another student, tap the name, and a dropdown will appear. You'll be able to then select another student to view.

[Posted] How do I link a student to my user account as an observer?
If you 
signed up for a Canvas account as a parent, you can add students to observe within the same institution. Additionally, if an institution created an observer account linked to a student for you, you can add students to observe.
To link yourself to a student, you will need to enter a student-specific pairing code. Pairing codes are case sensitive and are valid for seven days. Students can generate pairing codes from their User Settings. Depending on institution permissions, admins and instructors may also be able to generate pairing codes. For more information on pairing codes, view the 
Pairing Codes - Frequently Asked Questions PDF.


  • You cannot add students whose accounts are not within your same institution (Canvas URL). To observe students in another institution, you must sign up for an account using that institution's Canvas URL.
    If you are not able to access all of a student's courses, the option to link to additional students is not available to you.
    Once you have linked to a student from the Observing page, you cannot remove the student.