District Newsletter QR Code

It has taken a bit to figure out a format that works, but I've posted two yearbooks on the alumni page that are on Google Slides so they can be viewed easily and without software. Here are direct links to the two yearbooks that are complete:



Please be patient. They are a lot of fun and I'm working as fast as I can, but they do take some time to produce. They are much faster than composites, so I'll get all of the available yearbooks posted before I return to constructing composites.

The Continuous School Improvement Plan developed by a committee of community members included the call for a district-wide newsletter. After reviewing many options, the cost seemed prohibitive. However, I have found a free platform that should work for our purposes. It is called Brevo and included an automatic sign-up so anyone can subscribe to get district news. The QR code is above if you want to scan and subscribe. The link to subscribe is: 


I will attempt to email the first edition of the district newsletter at the end of next week!

--Dr. Goddard