2023 Continuous School Improvement Plan

The school board and I would like to thank everyone who serves on our Continuous School Improvement Plan (CSIP) committee. Missouri requires every school to operate a CSIP on an ongoing basis. The plan is flexible and changes with conditions and events in the school district.

Our Area Supervisor came by this week to share the results of our CSIP Review which were very positive. The review team awarded us all 30 points for the development and implementation of our CSIP. In addition, they made 2 notations of "Strengths" in our plan. Our Supervisor said it was unusual to receive more than 1, so congrats to the CSIP committee and the district.

IndicatorMetNot MetPoints
A. The CSIP, developed in meaningful collaboration with internal and external stakeholders, is the product of, and based upon, a data-based needs assessment.406
B. The local board ensures that the CSIP focuses on the academic preparation and well-being of each student.406
C. The CSIP Contains:
*Clear standards of mission and vision;
*Limited number of focused goals and objectives;
*Evidenced-based action steps and strategies;
*Timelines for implementation and monitoring;
*Persons responsible for implementation and monitoring;
*Funding sources; and
*Any other information.
D. The local board regularly monitors the implementation and outcomes of the CSIP.306
E. The CSIP guides the development and implementation of other plans (i.e. Building Improvement Plans, ESEA Consolidated Plan, Professional Development Plan, Assessment Plan, and Technology Plan.)306
Total Points Earned30/30

CSIP Review Team Feedback:

Indicator AStrengthL3A-1 "The CSIP Team is made up of a large, diverse group of stakeholders, including a student."
Indicator CStrengthL3C-1 "The CSIP includes a strong rationale for each goal including MAP/EOC data and survey results in the goal setting process.

Good Job Rich Hill! We are already adjusting our CSIP to reflect some changes in tracking academic growth based on the our 2023 Annual Performance Report (APR) from the state. The district will be conducting its annual Community Survey in the Spring so keep an eye out for that link so you can provide us with feedback that goes into adjusting the CSIP annually.