Meet Mr. Doug Abend

If you've had a technology need at the school, you've probably gotten help from Mr. Abend. Or if you've had questions for the library...or about your kid's tech class...or come to watch a play. Mr. Abend is a jack-of-all-trades and he stays hopping all day long.

In addition to serving as our Technology Director, Mr. Abend is our school librarian, directs the school play each year, and teaches 3 classes each day. He works several weeks during the summer getting all of the one-to-one technology, school servers, and software updated for the next year.

Mr. Abend is originally from Kansas City and has been in education for 19 years. He has earned a Master of Arts in Teaching and a Master of Library Information Science. He's also worked for the Theater League, Mix 93.3, Star 102FM, and even the Disney Store!

Mr. Abend has a full house with his wife, daughters who are both Rich Hill Tigers, and several pets. He is a self-proclaimed foodie who enjoys traveling and hiking. If you saw him on Halloween, he was dressed up as a birdwatcher complete with a fake bird on his shoulder and binoculars in hand.

Mr. Abend is glad he's at Rich Hill because he likes the small town where they can live in the country and there is no traffic. He's proudest of raising two children who will be productive members of society and wants kids in Rich Hill to know, "Hard work and effort, these are the things that get rewarded."

Thanks Mr. Abend for everything you do for kids!

Look for more "Meet Mr./Mrs..." articles coming soon!