Olyvia Shows Her Rich Hill Colors

Kent Fletcher said he wanted to promote school spirit at the high school football games this year. He said Fletcher Farms Rock&Dirt would pay for the students in grades 6 through 12 who showed up to the game and reward whoever exhibited the most spirit.

52 students not involved in cheer, band, or football arrived and claimed their free admission to the contest against Drexel. Teyana Shobe won the most spirited student award which was a gift card. Kent said he was going to challenge another business to do the same at the next home game.

At the next game against Northland Christian, Rich Hill Equipment and Truck ponied up for 51 kids from the JH/HS. Thomas Trammell won the most spirit reward.

Trying to spread the spirit to other sports, Rich Hill Equipment and Truck sponsored 28 students who came out for the volleyball team and student council's Pink Out night against Archie.

Finally, D&J Smokin' BBQ sponsored 54 students who came out to the Osceola game. Olyvia Ribmann showed the most spirit and took home her reward.

The district thanks all of these sponsors for promoting school spirit during the fall season!